Professional Development in Training

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Training of various organizations and of different kinds has evolved as the need of the hour. Every employer wants its employees to be trained in a particular skill so that the performance of the company and the employees improve. American TESOL Institute has divided this niche Professional Development in Training Course into three parts. The elementary course is known as the Starter course, followed by Masters and Expert. The candidates will be awarded an International Certificate at the end of the course, which would help trainers get a good job opportunity and be a value addition for the existing trainers.



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Management Skill development Program from ATI School of Business

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ATI School of Business offers a Professional Certificate/ degree and Master degree courses in Management designed  to enhance your present career or assist you with achieving a career in business management.

The fast-paced world we live in today is dynamic and ever changing, and many of us have become used to getting what we want when we want it, and without compromising on quality or price. That’s fine for the most part, but when there are a number of variables or people involved in a project, it’s not always so easy for things to turn out the way you want them to, and the larger a project the more chances there are of errors.

For the person who manages to get it right the rewards can be high and, thankfully, there is a formula for success. Our project management course has been designed to teach you the secrets of successful project management, and included with your project course materials are a series of templates to help make the process straight forward and systematic.



Welcome to the our Online English Learning Blog

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The motivation that people have when starting to learn English are various, but the most common reason is that of getting a job that have specific requirement for them to learn this international language. Some people are thinking of moving to a foreign country where the spoken language is English so they are forced to learn the language, while other like it so much that they want to know it very well. Usually, foreign languages should be learned in school but not most people have the chance to learn English as they are forced or choose to learn another language that is not so beautiful and not so useful. Irrespective of the motivation behind the willing to learn English or the reasons for which you didn’t learn it in school, you have the opportunity to enroll in ATI ESL online as they are very efficient and more cost-effective than traditional classes.



Special Thai Project

The Special Thai Project which is organized by the American TESOL Institute is an incredible offer which has to be taken up. If one sign up through the Special Thai Project, they will not only be able to do a TEFL course in exotic Thailand but also sponsor their trip by earning there as a teacher. Special Thai Project or STP as it is also known as not only gives you an opportunity to work in Thailand but ATI makes sure that an eligible person gets a placement in China or Korea. By doing ESL jobs in China or Korea and the course in Thailand, the trainnees can see two countries in Asia.



Preschool / Montessori / Primary / Young Learners - Teacher Training Course

After years of TEFL experience, American TESOL Institute has launched their new teachers training course in India. The Preschool / Primary / Montessori Teachers Training Course with Specialization in teaching English to Young Learners is a complete package for teachers who aspires a local teaching career or an International ESL career. ATI has in offer, three-weeks in-class course, six months part time course, online course and Distance Learning course. The teachers can choose which ever course suits them. Teachers who are already in the proffesion and teachers who want to take up a teaching career can both opt for this course.

American TESOL Institute is offering Teacher Training Diploma / Certificate Program  for Primary school teacher, Young Learners teachers, Pre school teacher, Montessori teacher, Kindergarten teacher.

Preschool /Primary Full Time In-class Program

Preschool /Primary Part Time Program

Preschool /Primary Online Program

Preschool /Primary Distance Education Program




In class TESOL Course in Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket & Chiang Mai)

TESOL Course in Thailand is an extremely popular program of American TESOL Institute. Thailand is a beautiful country and a major tourist attraction in the world. ESL job market is also extremely booming in Thailand. Thus doing the TESOL course here can be a great idea as after or during the course the candidates can look for a suitable ESL jobs here.



TEFL India - Kolkata, Kerela, Ahmedabad

American TESOL Institute’s Kolkata TEFL program has gained significant popularity in recent times. Kolkata is not just the cultural capital of India but also one of the major tourist destiantions. Kolkata is also a central point in eastern India from where many exotic locations can be explored. The trainers are good, accommodation is excellent and most importanlty the food in Kolkata is delectable. An internship is also attached along with the TESOL course program. The short term internship can be either in India or in Thailand depending on the preference of the person.

TEFL India Alumni Review


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In Class TEFL Course in China

China TEFL Project of American TESOL Institute is a unique opportunity to do a TESOL course in China and then get an ESL job there. The ESL jobs in China are given in three ultra modern cities of China, Beijing, Shanghai and Shezhen. Jobs in China is very lucrative as the teachers can earn about 5000 RMB per month in the schools which can increase if they have expereince and more qualification. The teachers will also be given accommodation free of cost. It is the best way to travel the exotic coutnry of China at the best price as you will able to earn enough to sponsor your trip.



Special TEFL Korea projects

Korea is an oriental country, which is fast developing economically. ESL Jobs in Korea are very lucrative as the schools pay well to their teachers. A TEFL certified teacher can also teach in the language schools and for private organizations in Korea where they will be expected to train the adults. Certain sepciafic criteria has to be fullfilled to become an ESL teacher in Korea. One has to be a native speaker with a degree, experiences are always preferred and the teachers has to have an accredited TEFL certificate. The ESL jobs in Korea are mostly in the cities which are cosmopolitan in nature and has all western amenities and facilities. The schools along with the salary also gives free accommodation to the teachers and other facilities like paid vacation and reimbursement of flight fares.



Online TEFL Course

American TESOL Institure offers an online TEFL course to the candidates. After completion of the course, the TEFL trainees are given an accredited TEFL certificate with which they are able to get an ESL job in any part of the world. The online course by American TESOL Institute is very ellaborate and it will take maixmum four months to complete it. Online TEFL course of ATI grooms the students very well for classroom teaching. There are five types of online course offered by ATI.


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